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Here you can find events and fair appearances of us and the KiEZ Hoelzerner See for year 2014.

Event calender

Datum Ort Beschreibung
26th January

convention for members, employees and camp-supervisors

23th February
Frauensee concert of the Music Schools Fröhlich
03rd March
Frauensee Frauensee Run Competition / Frauenseelauf
9th March
Frauensee Family-Day with Sledge-dogs
23st March
Hoelzerner See 16th Spring Party
6th April Hoelzerner See "Frühlingserwachen" - A guided spring canoe-tour
27th/28th April
Hoelzerner See 10th Chainsaw Carving Festival of Berlin and Brandenburg
30th April / 01st May
from Frauensee Dubrow at night
16th./ 17th. July  Frauensee

 Open-air Show of the T.I.M.E. Musical; 20:15 / 20:30

5th October
Frauensee Kids Party of the Youth Firefighters LDS
2nd November Hoelzerner See "Glühweinpaddeln" - A guided "mulled-wine" canoe tour
30th November
Hoelzerner See pre-christmas handicraft day, Christmas Party
14th December Frauensee Santas Christmas-Workshop